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Baby Home Photoshoot | How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I often get asked about how I edit my Instagram photos to make them white and bright. Since having Estée, I love capturing her every moment as well as editing the photos so we’re able to frame them and then place them around the house. I’ve put together 5 easy and simple steps on how I achieve the ‘white Instagram feed’ and also how you could create your own baby photoshoot from home!

To go from this

To this

1. Camera

Let’s start with the obvious one, camera. Do you really need a professional camera worth hundreds to achieve a good photo? No. I take all my photos on my iPhone 7 Plus which has the portrait feature which I absolutely love using! The camera is amazing and definitely looks similar to other, more professional cameras on the market.

2. Natural lighting

For a clear, crisp photo, natural lighting is key! Daylight is by far the best lighting to work with for any photo. There’s nothing worse than a grainy photo! I find taking photos in the morning/early afternoon work better for me although at this time of the year it all depends on the weather so it’s a bit of a hit or miss!

3. Props

I used to love using flowers as props with Estée when she was only a few months old and couldn’t roll! As you can imagine that just isn’t an option now! She will grab and put anything in her mouth so it’s very rare that I use props anymore. Before we used the petals off flowers to write out a number depending on how old she was that month. Baby milestone cards are great for props too!

4. Background

Depending on your theme, whatever background you use is entirely up to you. I like to use a plain white one. I prefer my background to be completely clear. Cluttered backgrounds can distract someone from the actual photo!

5. Editing

I never use filters on my photos, I simply use two editing apps in total. Facetune and Photoshop Express. I sometimes will also use the standard Instagram editing options ‘brighten’ and ‘highlight’.

The first app I use is Facetune. In Facetune they have the ‘whiten’ tool. I use this to go over any white in the photo to make it that little bit brighter and to define it. I try to always include white somewhere in my photos as that’s my preferred feed so this tool comes in really handy!

The last app I use is Photoshop Express. This app is great to get the exposure up and make a photo pop! I normally always keep it below 50 depending on how good the lighting is in the photo. This app really does make the difference to all photos!

Both apps are free and can be purchased in the App Store.

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