Hospital Bag Essentials for Mums-to-be

Being a first time mum and packing a hospital bag is stressful. I certainly was not prepared when it came to packing mine. I was still shopping for bits to include nine months into pregnancy and was still packing whilst overdue – oops! I definitely do not recommend! I used a small travel suitcase for my hospital bag because it’s better to have too much stuff than not enough, right?

Whilst pregnant I was always reading posts like these to get some inspiration on what to pack in my hospital bag. I found them so useful! I’ve had this post saved in my drafts for a while now as I thought I’d write my own after having my daughter to give mums-to-be some ideas on what my essentials were for hospital!

Maternity/nursing bras

This had to be at the top of my list, without a doubt. Nursing bras were my number one life saver not only during pregnancy but postpartum too! Day three when your milk comes in is excruciating to say the least. You can only imagine what that does to your boobs. Despite the pain, it makes your boobs look great. New perfectly round, perky boobs that look like you’ve just had a boob job – it was like a dream. Nursing bras are ideally designed for breastfeeding but are great for that extra comfort too if you’re not breastfeeding!

I purchased all my maternity/nursing bras from Debenhams . A bit on the pricer side but great quality, comfy and long lasting.

Breast pads

And lots of them! I went through loads and even had to use quite a few at the same time as leaky boob stains on a top isn’t a pretty sight! I used the standard Tommee Tippee disposable breast pads that I got from my local Boots. Although they weren’t great, they definitely done the job! Whether you decide to breastfeed or not you will still need to use them.

Suitable clothing

I found a pyjama top that had buttons down the front great for both labour and delivery. I bought a cheap one from Primark. One because it’s cheap and two, the top is most likely going to get covered in blood and god knows what else so you can just throw it away after! Tops like these are perfect for breastfeeding after birth and great to unbutton quickly for skin-to-skin with your baby straight after delivery.

HUGE knickers

After having a baby looking fashionable is off the agenda for a while. You will need the pack the biggest knickers you can find. Again, I purchased mine from Primark. You will most likely end up throwing most pairs away so it’s good to get cheap ones. Although the ugliest pairs of knickers ever, they’re bloody comfy and you’ll need enough room to fit those horrible maternity pads in.

Flip flops

You’ll need a pair of footwear that you can easily slip on to walk around the hospital in. Again, Primark was great for cheap footwear. I got a pair of black flip flops for a pound, you can’t go wrong as I’d never wear them again! I also used mine whilst showering as if you’re a bit of a hygiene freak like me, you won’t want your feet touching where someone else’s has been.

A fan

I didn’t take one but I’m still adding it to my list of essentials as my poor mum and partner were fanning me for hours whilst contracting. In labour you’re going to get hot and sweaty and you will most definitely need a fan!


As anyone knows, hospital food isn’t exactly Michelin Star. There is shops and cafes in hospitals but they’re not open 24 hours so you will need snacks and lots of them, especially ones with high energy. Things like cereal bars, crisps, chocolate. Not the most healthiest of snacks I know but, who cares? Full of sugar to get your energy levels up.

Energy drinks are great to pack also. Your body will need all the energy it can get!

A coming home outfit

A pair of leggings, baggy top and a pair of open shoes (flip flops) is normally the way to go. After birth your feet often swell and you’ll need to give your feet some room. Flip flops is the way to go. Comfort is key for the journey home depending on how far you have to travel.

If there’s anything I missed out that was on your essentials list then be sure to let me know in the comments.

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